Camara Art Studio

The Studio

We also run a shop which is part art studio, part metal/composite fabrication and part modern furniture production. We can fabricate virtually any sort of structure, whether it would be built from wood, metal or combinations of composite materials including reinforced concrete, we can design and build it. We can construct and develop prototypes of functional art and furniture as well as interior and exterior architectural features and light fixtures. We also build custom aquaria, no matter the size or complexity. We utilize any exotic metals, woods, veneers, glass, fiberglass or carbon fiber. Our work is meticulously finished using the latest high end multi stage automotive finishes. Pearl, metallic and candy elements create stunning effects and offer excellent durability and quality.

          Visual movement is a key element to our artistic insight at Camara Art Studio. Creating motion without actual movement is one on the most exciting challenges that informs our work. Forming unified movement within a single piece when viewing from various  angles, we seek to build a stunning visual alignment. Minor elements combine with more dominant ones to focus line and direction.

Sculpture in motion