Originally from Southampton NY, we operated a landscape design/build company for 20 years. Inspired by modern art and architecture, we began composing art pieces for properties. The juxtaposition of the organic with the synthetic creates some fascinating imagery. Finely polished structure surrounded by plants and trees and flowers, one finds the natural and the synthetic compliment one another. At the same time, we had begun designing furniture pieces, as we share a keen interest in modern, elegant minimalist industrial design as well as architecture. With years of experience building reinforced concrete structures, creating other forms of reinforced structure such as glass reinforced polyester resin was a straightforward process. Motorcycles and motorcycle racing was also a lifelong interest, and it was there that I acquired a knowledge of metallurgy and welding processes as well as finish techniques as well. Creating interesting structure, whether functional or not is an exciting process and we love what we do here at Camara ArtStudio. Have a look at our Inspiration Gallery as well as our art and functional pieces.

John and Karolina Camara

Camara Art Studio

2013 Participant at Umlauf Sculpfest, Austin TX

2013 Participant in the Art in Motion exhibit at Dougherty Arts Center, Austin TX

2014 Awarded second place at the Art on Henderson street exhibit with 'Zeta', Dallas TX. Exhibition to run for two years.

2014 Participant at Artprize exhibit with 'Aurora', Grand Rapids, MI

2015 First Place overall at the fourth annual Robert and Pam Salmon Sculpture Competition at the San Angelo Musem of Fine Arts with ‘Aurora’. Aurora is on exhibit there for two years.

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