Camara Art Studio

‚ÄčAt Camara Art Studio sculpture is an exploration of the interaction of life and the fluid world. Life in harmony with and submission to the existing fluid environment. Fluid moves and changes  shape as does life. Life flourishes as it harmonizes and adopts to its fluid world. Fluids change shape and flow against one another as other forces act upon them. Similar fluids blend and dissimilar ones push and bend themselves around one another.

Visual movement is a key element to our artistic insight at Camara Art Studio. Creating motion without actual movement is one on the most exciting challenges that informs our work. Forming unified movement within a single piece when viewing from various  angles, we seek to build a stunning visual alignment. Minor elements combine with more dominant ones to focus line and direction.

The medium we utilize are various composite structures often using a metallic skeleton. Depending on the physical requirements of the form, several approaches are use to create completely free form ideas. There are no stock elements (beams, tubes etc.) which form the outer surface. Thus all surfaces are deliberately formed and shaped. The fluid environment requires extremely smooth surfaces and colors that flow and sparkle. Colors which contain pearl and metallic elements which sparkle in direct sunlight and somewhat change the character in shade are preferred.