Camara Art Studio


Height 29 inches

Weight 30 lbs

Table top area 104 sq inches

Mini version:

Height 21 inches

Weight 11 lbs

Table top area 60 sq inches

The Product Story
The Ginkgo Table is a modern end/side table that has been stripped back to essential features. A single upright pedestal supports a top designed only large enough to hold a small plate and a drink or two. To provide stability on such a small base, heavy weight at the base is employed. The result is very stable indeed and does not move easily even when bumped. There are no visible joints or fittings in the form and so it is seemless and perfectly smooth. The materials used are very durable as an indefinite lifespan was one of the design criteria. The result is a very ergonomic and elegant design that is stable and durable enough for daily use for many years. Use of the most modern materials available allows design to achieve new levels of simplicity and visual interest. The smooth, curved, stylized shape of the triangle was created to mirror the Ginkgo Biloba leaf, one of the most beautiful and exotic asian trees. In addition to its beauty, the Ginkgo is both a living fossil and unique in the botanical world as it is the only species left in its taxonomical division. All others have gone extinct. The shape of both the leaf and the structure of the tree have long intrigued tree and plant fanciers.

Materials were chosen for both their physical strength, weight, fineness of finish and durability. Using modern composite materials, completely freeform ideas can be brought about without regard to the limitations of older materials and techniques. Through the use of state of the art, multistage automotive finishes we are able to create the most interest possible with pearl, metallic and color shifting urethane paints while maintaining maximum durability. The finish itself is carefully sanded and buffed to the highest degree of perfection. The Ginkgo can be built to many different dimensions and, owing to its materials, is as durable for outdoor use as it is indoors.

Size and Ergonomics

Ergonomics were considered critical to the design of the Ginkgo as we were pursuing the most minimalistic overall idea possible. It is designed to place very close if not over the arm rest of the sofa or chair. This makes placing items on the table maximally easy from a seated position. The area of the top was minimized and is in no way meant to support lighting fixtures. Lighting for the modern space ought to be either wall mounted floor standing or overhead, at any rate. The bottom of the Ginkgo base is finished with felt. It will glide across hard surfaces when pushed and must be lifted somewhat to move across carpeting. It has the feeling of a rather large, heavy chess piece.          


"Ginkgo" Table